Work is well underway at Sheffield Central - Project Update January 2019

Work at Sheffield Central is well underway, with much of the ground work started or nearing completion, and many of the initial checks done.

Achievements up to date (November 2018 - January 2019):

• The second part of the Site Investigation was completed

• Gas monitoring (Condition 3) was completed and submitted to Sheffield Council

• The site was back filled after archeological dig

• All existing perimeter walls were removed in preparation for the Piling Contractor

• The pile matting was installed in preparation for the Piling Contractor

• Installed temporary services (electric and water)

• Obtained party wall awards

• Completed the piling design

• Submitted piling and basement design to Highways

• Removed lamp posts

• Appointed Piling Contractor

• Ordered materials for basement

• Ordered steel frame

• Obtained party wall awards for the adjoining car park

• Ordered lifts

• Taken down the retaining wall

• Started piling

• Ordered window and external doors

• Ordered atrium roof

• Ordered roofing

• Ordered AOV and misting system

• Detailed the steel frame design

• Completed piling

• Activated the road closure of Eyre Lane

• Hoarded off Eyre Lane

• Site set up for groundworkers

• Started pile capping and ring beam to perimeter walls

• Started car park retaining wall

• Completion of the retaining wall

• Completion of the car park

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