Sheffield Central: End of September 2019 Progress Report

Work at our Sheffield Central site located in the heart of Sheffield (S1) is well underway, and despite some weather hold ups, is still progressing quickly towards its completion.

Works completed in September 2019

During September construction has started on the erection of the steel frame and installation of the pre-cast concrete staircases. Although we have had 2 weeks of torrential rain, the team have still managed to install grid lines 1 and 2 and install the lift shaft and stairs.

During October the steel frame should be erected to grid line 6 which is almost half way complete Whilst the steel is being erected, the metal deck flooring will also be installed, alongside the concrete poured to intermediate floors.

Once the concrete floors are poured the roof, SFS, brickwork, windows and roof lights can all be installed. Whilst these packages are being installed the metal internal walls can also be erected alongside mechanical and electrical first fix installations.

Future works in the pipeline from October 2019

• Installation of the steel superstructure frame

• Pouring of concrete to intermediate floors

• Installation of roof coverings

• Installation of concrete staircases

• Installation of atrium roof lights

• Installation of light weight steel perimeter walls

• Installation of windows and external doors

• Installation of first fix mechanical and electrical

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