Latest Progression Report of Sheffield Central Development

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During March, the build on our Sheffield Central site progressed quickly, with the better weather putting the construction team in high spirits. In March, the development saw:

- Construction of capping beam to perimeter piles

- Excavation within the perimeter piles to a depth of one meter

- Installation of temporary props below ground slab level to provide lateral stability

- Excavation further to basement slab formation level

- Internal piles cut off to required level

With work progressing quickly, and the build look set to complete on time, there is plenty more planned for the coming month, including:

- Installation of temporary probs below ground slab level to provide lateral stability

- Further excavation of the basement slab formation level

- Cutting off of remaining internal piles to required level

- Construction of pipe caps

- Construction of basement slab

- Construction of ground floor slab

- Removal of temporary propping

- Installation of Steel Superstructure frame

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