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Since 2008, Global edge has developed a reputation for delivering original and hard-hitting content for agents working in international real estate.  Here are the fifty most popular articles from the Global edge archive. Please also check out our agent lists in Russia, Sweden, Holland, Germany and China.

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1. World's Most Powerful Property People11. Spanish bank repos 20pc more expensive concludes study
21. The Snickers overseas property model
31. Spain slaps wealth tax on holiday homes
2Property Portals - Global Top 10012. Bizarre agent attack on negativity but news gets worse 22. Industry Millionaire: Xavier Wiggins talks to Globaledge 32. Hotel occupancy rates see sharp drop
3. There's no smoke without fire
13. Global property chief attacks Web 2.0 rivals 23. Top 50 portals – New results 33. Industry Millionaire: Stephen Hodgson talks to Globaledge
4.Top 10 best investment destinations
14. Top real estate websites in Europe 24. Overseas Property Portals - New Top 50 Rankings 34. Chinese overseas portal market hots up
5. Ugly Websites that Work
15. The world’s best-value overseas property destinations 25. Spain passes “golden visa” legislation 35. 30 million-pound man
6. How the new Rightmove competitor can win the game
16. Ireland and Spain key targets for investors in 2014 26. Google versus the Property Portal 36. Merricks Media goes into administration
7. Property portals: the 50 most powerful websites
17. Why twitter is a complete waste of time
27. US Real Estate Investor Cornerstone takes over German asset-manager Pamera
37. Selling to the super-rich
8. Ukraine crisis – A view from Moscow
18. Exclusive: moves into international property
28. Top 50 overseas property portals
38. Austrian court freezes 5 milllon euro worth of real estate belonging to former premier Azarov's son
9. Rightmove overseas to accept listings from private sellers
19. Russians overtake Brits as biggest buyers in Alicante
29. Top 10 most dangerous cities in the world
39.Agent who viewed porn loses legal case
10. Selling to Russians: 10 tips for real estate agents
20. Harlequin win legal case against Singing Pig
30. The Guardian apologizes to Harlequin Property
40. Property Portal Rankings – New Top 50 results