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Malaysia-based manufacturer of pile joints and steel components for property developments across Europe, South-East Asia, South America and Australia.

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Estate Agent providing off plan property investments to its clients in countries including Brazil, Morocco, Egypt, Cape Verde, Spain, Malaysia, Dominican Republic and Turkey.

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Design & technology company that designs and creates turquoise water lagoons, tropical beach environments and swimming pools for property developers world-wide.
Real estate agent with developments in a number of established and emerging property-buying destinations around the world.
Consultancy specialising in fractional ownership across the globe. Provides a model for developers and selling agents to follow to implement fractional ownership sales.
Information about the requirements for getting a second passport in Malaysia.
Overseas Property Jobs (OPJ), a trading division of Estate Agency Personnel Ltd, dedicated, specialised recruitment agency acting for hundreds of Overseas Property Agents and Developers
Global 3D architectural visualization company providing rendered images and animation for large-scale real estate developers.
An established executive search firm helping clients seize business opportunities with precise human capital solutions
UK-based sales training company specialising in developing overseas property companies.
Offices: 1 Website Location map
Video production company specialising in filming property developments as a sales tool for agents and developers.
Offices: 1 Website
Malaysia-based real estate agent specializing in property and Bordeaux wine investment as well as interior design, renovation and property management.
Financial services training specialists offering a range of consultancy services to UK and international property professionals
An "online property exhibition", displaying developments from around the world along with information and advice.
Offices: 1 Website
Event organisers providing opportunities for businesses to present themselves to potential partners around the world.
Organisation assisting companies to reclaim VAT from the EU, Canada, Japan, Australia, South Korea and elsewhere.
Logistics and strategy consultancy with expertise in foreign exchange and real estate.

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Viewing 1 – 17 of 17 records in Malaysia