Published: 16th October 2008

“Free” property portals – Top 30

“Free” property portals – Top 30

Milton Friedman once said there’s no such thing as a free lunch. He was wrong. It’s possible to make money by being a complete freeloader. However, you’ll make more by being selective about where you spend your marketing budget...


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you get nothing for free or do you ?


Great collection, thank you for the list. However, in terms of traffic, your ranking does not seem to be accurate. For example,, although being a quite new portal, has the same traffic or even better than some of your top 5 sites. Just check this Quantcast comparison table.

Zoltan, Premier World Ltd.

Well done, Globaledge. You have a good knack of researching the exact issues that marketing types such as myself are thoughtfully stroking their chins about... If only you had written this yesterday, you would have saved me 3 hours.

Leslie Beeson, Tenerife Property Shop