The problem with buying leads is that most of them don't go anywhere.  A recent Global edge survey revealed that it makes 61 leads to make a sale and that’s an average, for some locations it takes many more.
Don't be fooled, the leads on Lead Galaxy vary hugely in both price and quality. It doesn’t work for everyone, but the vast majority of our customers having been buying regularly for more than three years. 
So why use the service? 

  • It's the biggest platform in the English-language overseas property market 
  • There are over 650,000 opted in potential buyers 
  • The best campaign this year generated 1485 leads for one property 
  • You can test the leads with a small budget 
What can you do? 

  • Send html email shots to over 650,000 of potential buyers 
  • List of some of the biggest overseas property websites quickly and at no upfront cost 
  • Buy telephone qualified leads 
  • Buy leads at auction or in bulk 

If you’ve not tried or used the service for a while, why not take a look at what’s available in your region?

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